Quinn-Kratzer Residence

  • Denver, CO
  • Hardscapes, Residential Design

Quinn-Kratzer Residence

A contemporary modern renovation of the house at the Quinn-Kratzer Residence was completed the Summer of 2013. To match with this style we looked to add modern elements to both the form and structure of the garden. A unique approach to the design was needed as the house was set to the back of the property and the “front yard” made up the largest portion of the useable space.

The north end of the yard melds with the modern style of the house. Horizontal board-form seat walls enclose an area of grey crusher fines, providing an area for seating and for play for the children.

Exiting this area to the south is a series of rectilinear poured-in-place concrete pavers that mesh into the turfgrass lawn allowing the turfgrass to work between the joints of each paver. This pathway works its way to the front entrance gate where a horizontal slat wood fence runs the full length of the street frontage.

The main entry is made up of a steel gate and pylon with modern security features incorporated into the pylon to allow the owner to view visitors to the property. The southeast corner of the property was design with a sunken shade structure to provide storage for bikes and trash receptacles. A steel gate at this location allows access to the street by the homeowner to put out the receptacles on trash day.