We believe well designed and constructed hardscapes greatly enhance the appearances of your landscape, improve the livability of an outdoor space, and provide important comforts including shade, shelter and privacy.

An integral part of many landscapes, both commercial and residential, is the ‘hardscape’ or non-plant, design elements of the landscape. This includes the walk ways or surfaces we drive on, the walls that we use to create terraces from hill sides, fences, boulders, gravel, light fixtures and garden ornaments.

Hardscapes provide structure, texture, form and contrast in many landscapes and serve many functional needs including accessible pathways, changes in ground levels, building entrances and places to gather.

Environmental Landworks designs and builds hardscapes utilizing a range of natural and manmade materials including:

  • Natural Stone & Masonry Retaining Walls, Utilizing Locally
    Available Materials
  • Natural Stone & Concrete Paver Patios, Plaza & Walkways
  • Concrete & Integral Colored Concrete Pavement & Seatwalls
    with Textured Surfaces
  • Stone & Concrete Firepits
  • Wood fences, Gates, Pergolas & Shade Structures
  • Steel & Metal Fence Systems, Gates & Shade Structures
  • Water Features, Garden Ornaments & Landscape Lighting
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