Hewit Foundation Healing Garden

  • Littleton, CO
  • $405,000
  • Construction

Hewitt Foundation Healing Garden

The Hewitt Foundation Garden was built in 2010 and consists of a variety of landscape and hardscape elements. Located at the center of the Littleton Adventist Hospital Campus, this half-acre garden is made up of a series of meandering concrete walkways. The east side of the garden is anchored with a large spherical pondless water feature and on the west, a sloped walkay with custom metal railing meets the garden. The central focus of the garden is a native grass mound with monolithic natural stones scattered on it’s slopes. This area of the garden is duly named Perspective Point and from this location one can see the entire Healing Garden.

There are also other minor focal points in the garden. These more intimate garden areas each have a specific purpose and more information can be found about each garden area at http://www.mylittletonhospital.org/healinggarden.

Awards:Honor Award – 2010

ASLA – Colorado Chapter